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ADRA Solutions is a German startup firm, which will focus on providing a wide range of  business consulting services to other startups and companies in early stages of their  operations. ADRA Solutions is a team of Business Consultants. Each consultant specializes in a particular discipline, including finance, sales and marketing, technology, management, operations, and human resources.

ADRA Solutions focus on improving community prosperity through building high-performance economic development organizations and facilitating business relocations and expansions. Our team of advisors, strategists and development specialists works primarily with economic development partnerships and growing business enterprises.

Our Core Principles

  • Business Success, Community Success is based on leadership.  We work with top leadership, we develop new levels of leadership.  We lead.
  • We don't avoid challenging engagements.  We solve difficult challenges with creativity, teamwork, focus and years of experience.
  • We focus on the goals of our clients and on increasing profitability for them. When they win, we win.
  • We always look through the client's eyes.  We are committed to exceeding their expectations.
  • We expect passion in our clients.  We thrive on passion.
  • We have a great sense of urgency.  The 'cutting edge' is a moving target, excellence is not static, speed is critical, time is the enemy.
  • Unparalleled integrity in everything we do is the foundation of our company.

One of our key areas in personnel services is the mediation of interim industrial management executives for diverse assignments such as management organization, expansion, and reorganization or redevelopment projects.

We as "Business Companion and Business Interpretation & Translation" are Switching of German products and services, mediations generally, mediations with Arab companies of each branch and industry up to your special desires. Personal consultations about the Arab countries. As foreign language accompany and translation during business trips. We provide on-site support at meetings and conventions or during phone or video conferences and international exhibitions.

We will be pleased to advise you in order to get professional consulting for your international business expansion!

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